Stone Bridge
Mountain Home
Emory Anderson painting
The structure shown is on an office building designed by Gilbert Scott in 1780.

Original Artwork

Emory worked as a self-employed architect in both Florida and Pennsylvania.  He later joined a prominent architectural firm in Lakeland, Florida in 1990 and remained at that firm until his retirement in 2009.  Some of the major projects in which he participated included George Jenkins High School and Victory Assembly of God in Lakeland, as well as various professional buildings and public schools in the Central Florida area. 


Although, the majority of his artwork is in watercolor, Emory also enjoys pencil as well as pen and ink renderings.  His work reflects a strong architectural influence and incorporates a variety of buildings including, barns, homes and other structure types. His work can be viewed on his website:

Emory Anderson, Jr. was born in rural Indiana, Pennsylvania in March 1944.  His appreciation of nature began early.  The beautiful Pennsylvania countryside inspired him to capture his surroundings through art.  Following World War II, the Anderson family moved to Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania, where they remained until 1957.  They ultimately resettled in Lake Wales, Florida.        

Upon graduation from Lake Wales High School, Emory attended Florida Southern College and later transferred to and graduated from the University of Florida with a Bachelor of Architecture degree.


From an early age, Emory demonstrated an aptitude for art that could be measured beyond his years.  His aunt, an art teacher, recognized talents and abilities in him at elementary ages that exceeded those of some of her high school students.  He credits her encouragement as having helped direct his artistic pursuits.  At age 12, Emory decided to pursue a career in architecture.  While still in high school, he began working in an architectural firm where he learned fundamentals from a caring architect.  His artistic skills, coupled with on-the-job training allowed him to develop skills that translated into his life’s career.